Closest Stranger


Who r you, I don’t know.

You enter in my life as glittering snow.

I wait always for your reply.

I discuss everything, never feel shy.

I ask every time, from heaven’s eye.

How easily you know me but Why?

Your words make me always smile.

I keep your words in my heart’s file.

I share my sorrow, I share my joy.

Why moon have faith on that stranger guy?

Moon has to shine solitary in the sky.

A stranger becomes closest, how and why?


Written ©by SEEMA SHUKLA (Chand)

I am an assistant professor in higher education department of Madhya Pradesh. I am serving in English Dept. My research is going on in English. I pursued three pg in (ENGLISH, HINDI, AND SOCIOLOGY) I am also Law graduate. I did B.ed. I am Hindu by caste and differently able by physic. I am fond of writing my observations. I love to wonder here and there without thinking about anyone. I love listening music


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